What to Expect from Therapy

From the moment of our introduction, I am listening intently to your personal story, even to the precise words you choose, to discern the themes which have been recurring since childhood. As these themes are revealed, you will understand your emotions, choices, behaviors and reactions with greater clarity. Many people describe this as the pieces of their life puzzle coming together. It can be very comforting to finally understand your confusing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The themes that reveal themselves were formed early in life. They gave rise to coping strategies that were necessary and adaptive at the time. Some of these behavioral strategies have become out-moded as life circumstances have changed. Nevertheless, the behaviors are “hard-wired” and automatic. We are unconsciously governed by them. Through the therapeutic process, we re-connect with old patterns from a place of awareness and are free to change. As our patterns begin to make sense, anger, guilt and shame fall away and acceptance and compassion take their place.

From this point, we can challenge old, undermining beliefs and build new behavioral strategies. Since the work of change needs to be supported daily, we will tailor a program of tasks to be undertaken at home that may include practicing new behaviors, honing effective communication, engaging in self-inquiry and using imagination as a wellspring for a more positive you. It has been shown that if you invest daily effort to think about the insights gained in therapy, reinforce constructive behaviors, and prepare an agenda for your next session, you will have greater success achieving your goals for change.